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The challenge of teenage transport.

Local area is big

From Warragamba to Warrimoo;  Castlereagh to Cambridge Park.

Walking, cycling – distances prohibitive.

Too young to drive

Public transport spasmodic, non-existant

Parental transport ok … sometimes.

Sometimes unavailable, sometimes undesirable!

Only real independent transportation

Romanticising, imagining 

On The Road adventure:


Mum frowns.


* This song reminds me of hitch-hiking around the Penrith/Blue Mountains/Warragamba region. I think I must have sung it while pointing the finger towards my destination … I don’t think I ever used (or ever saw used) a thumb to “thumb a ride”, it was always the index finger.

What about Al “Blind Owl” Wilson’s voice … and the harp playing from “The Bear”.

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