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The Peugeot pulls into Cotter River campsite.

Unpack, raise tent, settle down.

Uncle Bruce (front), Steve, Me, Funny Gosford Nana - Cotter River Camping.

“Nana, can we go for a swim?”

Rush for the water, dive into

Sparkling, cool, crystal water.

“Hey Steve, look!

Nana’s coming in.”

Surprising. Wonderfully surprising.

Gosford Nana also known as …

Funny Nana”.

Wondrous surprises are her specialty.

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Destination future: Canberra.

Pristine, planned.

Visit sites that trigger thinking about:

Other people – embassies
Other times – places of remembrance, War Memorial
Other worlds – the Science Museum.

(Old) Science Museum, Canberra - Discovering Other Worlds.

Is Canberra planned to move me beyond self?

A world less Me than Other.

Other people, times, worlds.

Next: Mt Stromlo Observatory.

Other galaxies!!

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