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Threepence – most desired prize at Christmas

Camden Nana’s baking dish,

Flavours of years released into

The great Christmas Day roast.

In this little house in Elderslie

Everything feels just …

Well, … just right!!

Excitement mounts for the piece-de-resistance.

The plum pudding, where threepences hide

And discovery invokes little feet to run to Mum:

“Mum, I found one!”

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Away for a week or two,

It’s not school holidays.

Teachers as parents, parents as teachers

Know too well what kids need

Or know nothing!!

A break from Penrith Infants pressure?


To Camden Infants.

Diligent, well-behaved visitor.

Angels land at Camden Nana’s.

A new brother arrives in Penrith – Phil!

Note & Extra:

* I know I haven’t put anything in 365 Short Memories about the births of either Stephen or Peter. That’s because I can’t remember those events – but you never know, this little excavation exercise may come up with something before the year ends. Oh! I can’t really remember Phil being born either (sorry Phil) but I do clearly remember spending time at a school that was foreign to me.

* What I know now, though I may have thought – and acted – differently many times, is fortune smiled on me, on us. When I first heard this Elton John song in 1970 I was probably the demonic, impatient, wicked oldest brother but I, nevertheless, was moved by it and thought it told a story relevant to me.

And all you ever learned from them
Until you grew much older
Did not compare with when they said
This is your brand new brother.

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