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Our cream Chrysler

Roger driving, mum passenger.

Me ‘n’ Steve in the back.

Down Lemongrove Bridge

Cross Henry St – stop on corner – Evan St

Schoolbag grabbed, jump out

Rushing to school (Penrith Infants).

Roger drives off.

A screech, a scream …

Steve’s fallen out.

Didn’t I shut the door?

Thankfully he’s fine.

Tough brother.

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Clocks in pieces

Radios pulled apart.


Mechanical, electrical,

With moving parts, transistors, tubes –

If its components are strewn around

Waiting to be magically re-assembled.

It’s Steve’s work.

Eldest of my 3 younger brothers.

The biggest little brother,

Ready to pull anything apart …

Except people.

The gentlest giant with

Buddhist sensibilities.




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