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Legendary Team, Team of Legends - 1964 Premiers.

Amidst milling, pushing hordes we find our seats:

Brewongle Stand.

Near an artist who painted,

Dragon breathes fire at toothless tiger.

“C’arn, Saints.” I yell.

“Shhh!” hushes guardian Graham.  “They’ve won too much!”

But legends capture the hearts of the young.

St George – a legendary and a team of legends.


This follows on from yesterdays post 57. An early start to a great day and a great journey … .

Take a look at these team lists from Grand Final Day 1964 – 19th September.

The St George team was studded with stars … but Balmain had 5 players who would play key roles in the early stages of the Penrith Panthers elevation to the first grade competition. (And lay foundations for an intense rivalry.)

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