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The last memory has passed.

To anyone who has read one – thank you.

If you enjoyed it – that makes me feel as I did in #139.

A special mention:

Bill Joyner’s box of memories & memorabilia, enthusiasm, insight – valuable, valued.

Now, Bill, … the River project?*

A collaboration?

“I’ll let you into my memories, if I can be in yours.” (Apologies Bob Dylan)


* We (Bill & I) have discussed the idea of a project aimed at giving expression to the vital role The Nepean River has had in shaping us as individuals and communities – if you have any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them.

The final words …

I hope your 2013 is filled with
events, experiences, adventures that become
wonderful memories in future years.

Happy New Year!

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Look, there!
In Mum’s wardrobe.

A priceless treasure amidst

The rack of worthless wire.

A piece of artistry.

The design masterpiece

Creating utility and beauty

From the simplest items.

A wooden cotton reel

A few nails

Lengths of discarded wool.


The wooden coathanger

Enveloped, transformed

Cloaked in french knitting.*

from the priceless collection of Bill Joyner


* I could not believe it when, over coffee, Bill Joyner reached into his bag and this beauty emerged. It’s specific story is his and it holds its own significant lessons for life (related to both the vast improvement in workmanship and the dangers of taking short-cuts). But Bill’s personal Alladin’s Cave continues to reflect my own (and yours too, I expect) memories.

Oh! I hope there is no need to remind you that my Short Memories are not meant to be chronological … generally they are pretty random. Anyway, in case it entered your mind … this Short Memory does not have its roots in a 4th Form (Year 10) art or craft class, despite my poor performances in matters crafty.

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Re: smiling interloper;

Timid boy in leather pants on a cold morning on asphalt playground…

Can’t say more than “hello” in English.

We form a circle around, curious.

Soon makes good friends and

Can play soccer.

First choice in team picks.

18 months later:

First in English!

I am still amazed.


* Bill Joyner, one of my Penrith Primary classmates, has an excellent memory, a treasury of sacred souvenirs, and a great turn of phrase. He sent this to me about Peter Herrmann, who appeared in 365 Short Memories #54 – A smiling interloper … . I hope this is not cheating but this was just so vividly told by Bill – in 50 words – and is a great picture of the little German boy in leather pants, unable to speak English, being circled by a bunch of curious kids – who rise to the top of the class, and engages his cohorts.

Thanks Bill, and I hope you don’t mind me including this.

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