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Everything is different here at Penrith South.


Even me.

Haven’t yet ascended to a

Non-prompted recitation of The Pater Noster

But overall …

I’ve quit my low-down ways.



Penrith Primary School Yr 5


Penrith South Primary Yr 6

I want to be good,

I can be good,

I will be good.

… but, for how long?


Comparing the group photos from the two schools shows a stark difference. Unfortunately, I only have the Prefects photo from Penrith South but my memory of Class 6B (B for Bruce) was that it had a similar disciplined look and feel.

If anyone has a copy of the Class 6B photo, I would love a copy. In fact anything from that year would be great as the photo below is the only one I have from my stay at Penrith South.

I’ve published Class 5A’s photo before, sorry for the repetition.

For the class list see: 365 Short Memories – #70.
For other posts about the antics at Penrith Primary, look at Short Memories #42, 43, 50, 51, 54, 70, 82, 83. (When time permits – if ever – I will adjust the categories to make this easier.)

Class 5A – Penrith Public School

Now here is the photo from Penrith South:

Penrith South Primary – Prefects 1967

Quite a different look, don’t you think?

Anyway, in this photo are the following people (please forgive misspellings & bad memory):

Back Row: Glenn Flint, Stephen Abbott, Phillip Coleman, Peter Blatch.
Middle: Wendy Simpson, Mr Bruce, Glen Davidson, Mr Smith (Headmaster), Joanna Hawkins
Front:  Glennis Williams. Linda Venturini, Ione Salter, Max Cowan, Peter Sokol, Louise Rowlands

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