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Bronze Medallion

The Penrith summer

Compels cooling off.

A hose, the pool, the river.

Often venturing further afield

To the beach.

So much time spent water-bound

Lifesaving skills & qualifications

Seem logical, attainable.

First, Bronze Medallion

Safety theory, swims, clothed swim, various rescues & tows,

Resuscitation, searches.

Really tough test at 14.

Worth the effort.





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Home is where the caravan is …

Caravan park, Home,

Beach to East

River to North

Metal grey rocks of breakwater

Where fishermen (and us) perch patiently.

My favourite moment …

Love the ice being delivered

Ice delivery

Old truck stacked with big crystal blocks

Metal pincers dig and scar

Ice-man strong, fluid lifts,

Totes, then delivers.

Pincer grip slips, Ice slivers fly.

A better look at the ice pincers.

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Everything packed, in the car.

Beach towels, flippers, inflatable rubber boards.

South along Northern Road

Narellan Rd.

We’re heading for Thirroul,

Turn onto Appin Rd.

Anticipation …

Not for the beach.

The Road to Thirroul via Appin*

The General Store at Appin!

Creamiest, tangiest, freshest
Passionfruit ice-cream in a crispy cone.

Geez, we love the trip to Thirroul.


* The tricks parents play! I am pretty sure Appin was marked as the half-way mark of this very regular trip, maybe that was to defer the need to stop and refresh (we’ll stop when we’re half way there – for an ice-cream) … or to make the second “half” of the trip feel so much shorter.

I thought the milestone of Short Memory #100 should be marked with something of great significance … and what greater significance could there be than this ritual stop-over at a tiny store in a tiny town for a very simple but delectable treat.

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With Uncle Bob

Peugeot heads South, into Victoria

Destinations:Uncle Bob– stationed at Puckapunyal.

Uncle Alan– in Melbourne.

Trip’s purpose:

– visiting Uncles


– giving Mum a “2-boy break” for a couple of weeks.

With Uncle Alan


As far away (for as long) as we’d ever been.

No pining, No whining.

Nana & Poppy – distract, entertain, amuse.

Nana & Poppy kept us amused, entertained - happy times together.

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