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Around the corner, onto Station St

Past sandstone columns & facade of the club,

A few houses further along …

Our new home.

Sitting between

Miss Brown’s old brick home.

And our “footy” paddock.

Across the paddock, the Victorian house “Kentucky”.

"Kentucky" Station St. Taken sometime in the 80's - it was "across the paddock" from our home.

Showground & swimming pool, over the road.

Penrith Stadium – a footy field away.


This picture is of what was once our “footy paddock”.  “Kentucky” still exists and is in the background – though it is no longer a stately home. The paddock doubled as a parking field for the trots and the Penrith Panthers games – 20c a car. We also hit a few golf balls around the paddock occasionally. Here’s how it looks now. Taken from roughly where the back yard of our home was.

This was once the footy paddock.






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