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Saving lunch money, pocket money

Money from odd jobs.

Back to Fletchers,

Album collection expansion.

Electric Ladyland

Double album, 4 sides of vinyl

Of sounds completely new.

It’s on the stereo.

“Is that the record you just bought?
That’s not music, it’s noise.”

The Experience,

Beyond my experience

… and parents’ comprehension.


The catalyst for choosing this album was the very accessible and powerful cover of the Bob Dylan song. Here it is …





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The main store in Penrith is


A department store

On High Street.

Records are

On the upper level

My record collecting moves from 7″ vinyls (45 rpm)

To 12″ vinyls (albums 33 rpm).

With the purchase, from Fletchers

Of my first album …

Creedence Clearwater Revival

The store would help build

A good collection

Over time.




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