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Skis strapped, boat pulls Paul*

He glides the water, two circuits, home.

Speeding towards “home beach”,

Sudden turn whips skier’s speed,

To reach shore unpowered.

Is he going too fast?

Shore looms.

Drop! Paul! Fall!


Hits beach – speeding.

Skis stop.

Paul continues – momentarily upright, running,

Finally tumbling into campfire.



* Paul Smith again – previously makeshift surgeon and advisor on the medicinal properties of plants. This was on the family holiday at the Gold Coast … the journey their is told in Short Memories #307 – #311.



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Refreshment time.

Darwin milkbar – outdoors.

Motorcyclist motors across the footpath

Rides to counter, orders,

Grabs his take-away coffee

And tries to manoeuvre,

Polystyrene coffee cup in hand,

Between tables & chairs.

An old lady sits.

Rider slips,


Control lost.

Lady’s leg mounted, tyre spins, skids on skin.

Danger everywhere.




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