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A daily routine at 6:30pm

Switch to ABC TV for

Get To Know (GTK).

And, in 10 minutes,

We do “get to know”

News, interviews & performance,

Often live studio performances.

On Monday evenings

A voice – soft, smooth, almost sacred

Gives us, finally, a radio alternative

Albeit brief – only 2 hours!

Chris Winter’s: Room To Move.


This is from GTK in the late 1960’s – each of the short 10 minutes was packed with interesting and informative material.





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Class sing along.

ABC radio – folk-tunes.

We start, hand raised.

“Put your hand down Bruce.”

|| :   New song. Hand. “Bruuuce!”   : ||

Repeat until …

Program concludes.

Hand hits air.

“WHAT IS IT, BRUCE!” fortissimo (ff), annoyed.

"What is it, Bruce." That's Bruce in the middle. Bruce "The Goose" Turner.

Bruce, meekly:

“Mr Spence, your fly’s undone, sir.”

Songbook lowers, covers gap,

Mr Spence exits classroom.



* Thanks to Ian Elliott for helping me with this Short Memory. While I have vivid memories of the main elements of this Ian filled in some forgotten detail.

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